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Grow Grow Gardens!

Organic & Sustainable Practices, Medicinal Herbs, Educational Programs and Bee Keeping Resources.

Come together to grow together!

Our Mission

Grow Grow Gardens is a non-profit organization that offers organic and sustainable gardening education programs. Our mission is to promote the use of medicinal herbs, sustainable practices, and beekeeping resources to help our community grow and thrive. We believe that everyone can benefit from learning how to grow their own food and live a healthy lifestyle.

Home Grown Squash

Organic Gardening

Fresh & Nutritious Produce

At Grow Grow Gardens, we believe in providing our community with educational opportunity and resources to grow fresh and nutritious produce. Our organic gardens are home to a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, all grown with sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Come visit us and learn the benefits of growing your own food!


Cultivating Sweetness in Life

At Grow Grow Gardens, we cultivate a variety of nutritious produce from our organic gardens with the help from our busy bees. Our bees are considered valuable partners in our enterprise to grow delicious food in a sustainable way. We offer opportunities to learn and appreciate these wonderful helpers, our bees. Check out our Facebook and follow us on Instagram as we work together in the garden. We're as busy as our bees! 


Sustainable Gardening Practices

Our gardening school provides a wide range of educational programs for individuals and groups. We offer classes and workshops on sustainable gardening practices, medicinal herbs, and beekeeping resources. Join us and learn how to create your own edible garden!

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