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At Grow Grow Gardens we offer several types of bee services along with our beekeeping activities. Please scroll to see our offerings and reach out to learn more. 

Bee on Flower
Piece of Honeycomb
Image by Aaron Burden
Honeycomb Closeup


Beekeeping services provided locally on

Fishers Island, NY

Image by Kai Wenzel

bee services

Do you have a bee problem? Do you need someone to come capture a swarm, or help relocate your new neighbors to a more appealing place than the tool shed?  This service is for when you need a beekeeper's help. 

Image by HiveBoxx


Do you want to know how your hive is doing? Are you interested in getting support with your hives?  This service is designed to help fellow beekeepers to get support.

Image by USGS


Are you interested in keeping bees?  Or Just learning more about them and all the cool things they can do?  This service is designed to help learn everything you need to know to start beekeeping.

Meet the Beekeeper 

Janellé Senator, founder of Grow Grow Gardens, is our Head Gardener and Beekeeper.  She's an experienced swarm catcher. Her passion for learning and honoring best practices makes her an excellent ally to fellow beekeepers. Reach out to her to learn all the sweet details about her passion for beekeeping and helpful resources.

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